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CARLOTTIA is the fully formed folk-rock project of the artist formerly known as Lottie Liams. Still sent from the heavens to serenade you and your houseplants, but backed by a new sense of self-assurance and personal growth, CARLOTTIA creates a soundscape unlike any we have seen from the artist before.


The 21-year-old has grown up in the thick greenery of the outer Melbourne suburbs and takes that with her everywhere she goes.  Her soft vocals captivated people from the moment she took the stage. Supporting bands such as Middle Kids and Ukulele Death Squad, there’s no place more calming for Lottie than up on stage performing for people. 


Last year Lottie released a collection of tracks, titled “A Guide To Growing Thorns” beginning to explore a newer, dark-wave pop sound, quickly establishing what would become the roots of the CARLOTTIA sound. 

After a year of introspection, CARLOTTIA is entering 2021 with a fire in her belly. Armed with a suite of new songs, and ready to begin a new era of live performance, CARLOTTIA is ready to sweep you off your feet. 

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